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Four Ways to Avoid the “Quarantine 15”

Maintaining good eating habits during these stressful times can help strengthen your immune system and keep you on track with your health goals. It is important to fill your plate with nourishing, antioxidant-rich foods, and some of these

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Setting SMART Goals in 2020

The majority of New Year’s resolutions set at the beginning of the year fail to come to fruition. This is because most goals set are either too vague or not thought through. I always say that changing our

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Self-care for the Holidays

Self-care is preventative health care. We get flu shots to minimize contracting the flu. We balance food, sleep and exercise to prevent getting sick. We wear sunscreen to protect our skin. You get the picture. Seeking treatments for

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Gratitude and your Overall Health

While contemplating and creating the content for this brief article, I realized just how amazingly synergistic gratitude and massage therapy can be in practice. Both are vital components to any wellness regimen that seeks to build and maintain

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Nutrition On-the-Go

Whether you travel for work or fun, making positive food choices can be challenging. However, traveling is not an excuse to throw good habits out the window, especially if you are actively trying to make positive changes. Below

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What is Wellness?

As an acupuncturist, many people tell me they want to try acupuncture, but nothing is wrong with them. I usually say that’s “great!” and leave it at that. In truth, however, I’m pretty sure I can find something

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Understanding your Metabolism

One of the most common frustrations I see in my clients is weight gain. It’s a frequent complaint among middle-aged women who have been active their entire lives. They eat healthfully and they haven’t changed a thing in

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Get Outside for Better Health!

Summer is officially here! Time to take a vacation, relax, and enjoy some fresh air. Fresh air is one of the foundations of good qi (pronounced “chee”), or energy, in traditional Chinese medicine. Qi is important for health

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3 Simple Steps to Basic Self Care

Our bodies are intelligent mechanisms made up of systems that are in constant communication with one another. When something is out of place or in discordance with the Whole, the body sends signals. Treat these as cues, for

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