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Back to School with Tics & Tourette Syndrome

In previous years, the summer always seemed to have passed too quickly. This year, with the pandemic and the Delta variant, many students are actually glad that summer is over and are excited to get back to in-person

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mental health for children and teens


Due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), children, like adults, are affected emotionally and mentally due to physical distancing, quarantine, and nationwide school closures all over the world. Additionally, staying at home in isolation is

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Pediatric vaccine Girl and doctor

Vaccines and COVID-19: Parents need to know

Many parents are wondering if their babies or children should still get their vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic and what should they do if they have medical appointments coming up. The short answer – It’s important!   The

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How does COVID-19 affect children?

While there is still limited data and a lot to be learned, we know that children are susceptible to coronavirus, but tend to display milder symptoms than adults. Kids will generally have fevers, cough and shortness of breath.

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