Healthcare Concierge Services

“Imagine having 2,500 clients. How would you find the time to take care of them all? You can’t really. But that’s what the average physician has to deal with today– 2,500 patients to look after. It can mean weeks of waiting for a 10-minute visit. That’s stopwatch medicine. Now imagine reducing that number to 250 patients. 90% fewer patients. It’s more than just healthcare since there’s time to actually care for their health. That’s Concierge Medicine. For the past 15 years, The Village Doctor has taken it even further. We treat everyone from infants to elders, so your entire family gets the care they need. And, since we often treat everyone from grandparents to grandchildren, your internist and pediatrician are able to share information that can affect the health and wellbeing of your entire family. Better health for those you love. It’s all related. Literally. Visits are as short or as long as you like and the time and place is up to you and your doctor. We do not have a stopwatch. Just the opposite, we have the time to stop. And watch. And listen. We also believe that achieving wellness is just as important as eliminating illness. That’s why we work closely with our Wellness Studio providers to achieve that end. Feeling better, feeling good, both physically and emotionally, are all very real, very human needs. When everyone has the time to listen, wellness happens. So, fewer patients and more time. Families as well as individuals. And the belief that wellness really matters. That’s The Village Doctor. I look forward to talking with you soon.” Dr. Eric Weiss