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Newborn Care Program

The pandemic puts all of us at risk, especially the elderly and the children. With millions of confirmed cases worldwide, one just cannot be too careful, can we?

Babies who are the most vulnerable to diseases can make this situation is exceptionally scary for new parents, of course! The Village Doctor’s Newborn Care Program is designed to help and guide moms and dads, particularly the first timers, during these trying – times. You can receive aid and support from our concierge pediatrician anytime, anywhere!

If you are still wondering why signing up to our Newborn Care Program is perhaps the best step you will take as a new parent, here are four things you will enjoy that are made for you!

Get full care and support from the moment you give birth!

We understand the apprehension and fear that comes with becoming a parent, and that is why support will be given to you as soon as your child is born. With the Newborn Program, our pediatrician will monitor your journey starting from the beginning, be with you every step of the way, and care for you and your baby’s health long after you recover. It will ensure not only the safety of your delivery but also the proper handling of what might lie ahead, including the risks and preexisting health conditions that could be addressed head-on.

Enjoy regular telemedicine visits from your doctor and monitoring from your concierge pediatrician.

The first few weeks after giving birth are crucial for both the mother and her child. That is why, other than the care that you and your newborn will receive from your doctor from the very moment of birth, your pediatrician will also conduct weekly checkups from the comfort of your home. Receive regular monitoring to ensure the safety of both you and your child until weeks after your delivery without having to step outside.

Have 24/7 access to our concierge pediatrician services!

We know how scary post-childbirth can be, particularly for first-time parents, not to mention at the middle of a pandemic. Many parents panic, especially when it is the middle of the night and they think something is wrong with their baby. The panic is understandable. With our Newborn Program, there is no need for distress! In addition to the regular check-ups and constant monitoring of your doctor, the accessibility of our round-the-clock concierge pediatrician will give you the peace of mind needed to handle any possible situation that may arise. Knowing that a team of trusted medical experts is just a call away will ease your mind.

Newborn Program offers safety, privacy, and comfort.

Our highest priority is the newborn babies’ health and safety. The Newborn Program, with an accessible concierge pediatrician, reduces the exposure to health hazards by offering general medical monitoring to families without having to leave the house. It will limit the exposure to people who carry viruses and diseases.

In the comfort of your home, we are ensuring your family’s privacy and wellbeing– things that you cannot always enjoy under the usual circumstance of traditional pediatric consultations. With our Newborn Program and the availability of your concierge pediatrician, you get all the rest you and your baby needs by minimizing your effort and worries.

Receive the needed medical care for the newest member of your family from the comfort and safety of your home while being surrounded by the people you love and trust. At the end of the day, nothing can beat the full support and presence of your family. Top that with a reliable concierge pediatrician and you will be prepared to face almost anything!

New parents have many questions and could use extra support when a new baby arrives. In addition to having direct access to your pediatrician 24/7, our unique Newborn Program can help guide you through those hiccups, rashes, feeding challenges and sleepless nights. We’ll be there for you soon after delivery and will visit the baby weekly in the comfort of your own home – just you, your baby, your couch, and your doctor.

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