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The Village Doctor is a true concierge practice, with a pediatrician and team who knows your family and is readily available 24/7.

You’re a parent. Family is everything. But, if you find yourself doing more in a day than you used to do in a week, take a moment to add “signing up with The Village Doctor” on your to-do list.

You and your family will discover the true meaning of  “Medical Peace of Mind.” In this day and age, that is no small feat. But being able to check that box is just a phone call away.

The Village Doctor is a concierge medical practice created from day one to serve the needs of people whose days are never empty. Your days are “Busy Good”. We can help you keep it that way.

We understand that to a parent, the best pediatrician is the one who has time to really get to know you, your child, and your family. Not just from a medical standpoint but from a personal one as well.

Health issues get addressed as they arise instead of having to wait for long-delayed appointments that are now the norm in traditional practices. It’s the kind of relationship that makes “Medical Peace of Mind” the norm rather than the exception.


Pediatricians on-call

Medical experts believe and have proven that children are much more vulnerable to illnesses and diseases. Environmental risks are a lot more hazardous for them, which is why understanding the value of pediatrics is important, especially for new parents.

Due to the pandemic, things as simple as stepping out of the house are already risky for adults – (what more for our children, right?) When even making our way to the doctor seems unsafe, setting up appointments for pediatricians telemedicine house calls is the safest way to go.

Here are some reasons why the demand for pediatricians telemedicine house calls are growing, and why you should consider it, too!

  • “No” to unnecessary risks!
    Due to COVID 19 now is not the time to take health risks. It is even more crucial to keep the children’s exposure to these risks to a minimum. Here at The Village Doctor, we specialize in pediatrics and family care. We want to take care of you, especially when you need us the most, in the comfort of your own home. With pediatricians offering telemedicine house calls, you are minimizing your family’s exposure to the virus and to other environmental risks. As much as you ensure your family’s safety inside your home, our pediatrics professionals aim at ensuring the same.
  • Meet your pediatric needs at your convenience.
    Meeting your baby’s needs should be made easy. Imagine not having to travel for your child’s regular check-ups! You no longer have to spend hours preparing, rushing to get to the clinic in time for your appointment, and traveling for your pediatrics visits, because our team of doctors strives for your health and convenience through pediatricians telemedicine house calls.
    Moreover, there is no need to waste time waiting for your turn in long lines in a pediatrics clinic. Instead, you can spend more quality time with your family through telemedicine calls, you and your child are kept away from stress and are much more relaxed for the doctor’s visits.
  • Enjoy immediate and personal pediatric care for your little one!
    Your little one deserves nothing less than personal care from a doctor who knows and monitors your child’s medical history and provides support and pediatrics care along the way as they grow. Having someone to rely on does not only bring comfort but peace of mind, too, knowing that your family is being taken care of by someone who has always been with you along the way.
    Through pediatricians telemedicine house calls, you can count on efficient and personal care. Simple and straightforward set up of appointments with your pediatrician will also be a lot easier for when immediate care and medical checkup is needed.
  • Consider your child’s comfort.
    Some children tend to fear doctors, clinics, or hospitals. It could be because of previous experience or memory they associate the place or doctors with. And we can’t really blame them, can we? With pediatricians telemedicine house calls, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s fear or discomfort. Children are more at ease when they are in a familiar environment. With your family pediatrician online, your child will be surrounded by people, things, and memories they are deeply fond of. Their pediatrics experience becomes a lot calmer and they will be more cooperative.

Set an appointment for pediatricians telemedicine house call today, and meet your child’s pediatrics needs in the comfort of your home!

pediatrics on-call

A note from a fellow parent:
“The Village Doctor practice is amazing. Each Doctor personally knows each patient. They take the time to care for each patient as a whole person, not just the ailment of the moment…I wouldn’t take my family anywhere else. The office staff is great, calling for reminders and follow ups. They make it feel like a close friend just checking in…You can always get an appointment when you need it, and they have made emergency room visits run extremely smoothly.  It’s like having an extremely skilled personal team of people whose only job is to keep you healthy and thriving. They love what they do so much it’s not a job it’s a calling. I only wish I could give them more stars **********. They deserve all my appreciation.”

– Mary F.

Best Pediatrician

Best Pediatrician