Self-care for the Holidays

Self-care is preventative health care. We get flu shots to minimize contracting the flu. We balance food, sleep and exercise to prevent getting sick. We wear sunscreen to protect our skin. You get the picture. Seeking treatments for self-care is another way to stay healthy. The Wellness Studio at The Village Doctor offers three fantastic treatments to lower your stress, stay healthy, and pamper yourself or a loved one during the hectic holiday season.

Acupuncture can help you cope better with holiday stress. You still have to shop for family and friends and drive in holiday traffic, but acupuncture can decrease your negative reactions to stressful situations. With Mary’s help, you stay calm.

Massage. Need I say more? Kyna does more than pamper you. She eases your body aches which benefits your health and makes you feel nurtured. You get relaxed.

Nutrition should not just be your New Year’s resolution. Asking Annie for her expertise should happen before the holidays. She can help you make smarter choices and give you healthy options before the holiday regrets.  Nibble smarter.

We are all here to care for you and your family during the hectic holidays and thereafter.

By Mary Nickel, L.Ac.