Joy, Kindness and Mindfulness 

These last few weeks we all have experienced a change in our daily rhythm that we likely have never experienced in our lifetimes. With that change, there can be uncertainty, fear and sadness.  But there can be joy,

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CV🦠News – Week of March 23, 2020

First, a thank you to my friend and colleague, Dr. Benny Gavi, with whom we will be jointly sending out a weekly update. This based on our participation in Stanford “Town Halls” in both Internal Medicine and Emergency

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It Takes a Village…

If there was ever a time to sing the praises of “our village”, it would be now. As you might have read in my “From the Director” piece, I am proud and ever grateful to the doctors and

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Second Order Thinking, Being Prepared

Friends and TVD family, needless to say these have been interesting days, challenging for certain, but also full of opportunity to learn, think, and grow together as teams and families. I am proud of the work that TeamTVD

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healthy food

Four Ways to Avoid the “Quarantine 15”

Maintaining good eating habits during these stressful times can help strengthen your immune system and keep you on track with your health goals. It is important to fill your plate with nourishing, antioxidant-rich foods, and some of these

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If you have not yet had a chance to look at our new Coronavirus website pages, below is a preview of some of what you will find there. We hope to help answer some common questions and will

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Meeting the Challenge

In this period of “physical distancing”, The Village Doctor remains open and available. Your Village Doctor team has all the tools needed to connect to our patients and each other, whether here in the office or working remotely.

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How does COVID-19 affect children?

While there is still limited data and a lot to be learned, we know that children are susceptible to coronavirus, but tend to display milder symptoms than adults. Kids will generally have fevers, cough and shortness of breath.

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