Second Order Thinking, Being Prepared

Second Order ThinkingFriends and TVD family, needless to say these have been interesting days, challenging for certain, but also full of opportunity to learn, think, and grow together as teams and families. I am proud of the work that TeamTVD has done these past weeks getting us to where we are now; a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine program, an up-to-date Coronavirus Information website with TVD physician-vetted content, and a fully committed team of doctors, medical assistants, and staff, to be there when you need us. I want to bring to your attention the idea of first order thinking, and second order thinking. The former is easy, considering the obvious implications of a decision; the classic example being “I’m hungry so let’s eat a chocolate bar”. Second order thinking is deliberate, more deep, complex, and forward thinking, looking for the consequences of eating those chocolate bars. We have been trying to be second order thinkers, both in medicine, and regarding our current pandemic. To that end, our patients will get a more specific, Second Order Thinkerand patient-only, newsletter about our new Zoom account, and how to get ready to use it, as well as more information about telemedicine and Comcast. Let me also note that there is a lot of good information on our website, take advantage of it! Let me close with noting again my pride in my team, and my fondness for our patients and community, and confidently tell you we will get through this. Until then, wash your hands, and stay home!

By Eric L. Weiss, MD