It Takes a Village…

If there was ever a time to sing the praises of “our village”, it would be now. As you might have read in my “From the Director” piece, I am proud and ever grateful to the doctors and staff at The Village Doctor, for pulling together, getting us to where we are today, and being fully ready to take care of our extended family. But it is the extended family which also makes me proud. We have patients who are on the front lines as health care workers, who have invested in and are helping companies bring novel COVID-19 tests to market, who have reached out to me to help source otherwise difficult to obtain medical supplies, who have shared amongst our medical team cutting edge medical research, or high level working group summaries, notes and introductions, from across the world. And importantly, who have reached out to one another. Much as I am proud of my Village Doctor team, I am equally proud of my Village Doctor family. We are here for each other and will get through this together. Humbly. With gratitude and grace.

By Eric Weiss, MD