Mo in the Mirror?

Mo in the Mirror

Double entendre aside, and a big shout out to my friend the ZDogg regardless (check him out here, he is awesome!), yes my friends it is Mo-vember once again! It is time to be grateful, thankful, and definitely talk about (and even write musical parodies about) MEN’S HEALTH. Let me draw your attention to the international men’s health fundraiser, the Movember Foundation. Founded in 2003 in Australia, this group has since organized more than 5,000,000 “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sisters” around the world and raised over $750 million for work on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. See a TED talk from one of the founders here.Mo in the Mirror

Inspired? Join The Village Doctor Movember team (grow YOUR Mo, Bro!) here, or you can support my personal fuzziness here. I don’t think I’ll grow the big red one again, though…

Eric L. Weiss, MD