Happy & Healthy New Decade!

Happy & Healthy New DecadeHappy and Healthy New Decade! 2020, and so much to celebrate. Let me start by welcoming, and drawing your attention to, Dr. Prerana Sangani, who shares with us her highest compliment by returning to The Village Doctor with words of praise and enthusiasm. Prerana has been away for 5 years, focusing on her young children and her family, but also on her “wellness”, and has become expert at mindfulness based stress reduction. I am excited to now have her expertise here at The Village Doctor, as we can all benefit from her focus on learning, as she says, ways to strengthen our abilities to gain peace in a busy world. You can read more about Prerana here, and again, please join me in welcoming her “home”.

Speaking of “home”, or at least our local neighborhood, let me unabashedly ask for your support as Nextdoor Woodside is asking you to “join your neighbors in voting for your most-loved local businesses during Nextdoor’s annual celebration, Neighborhood Favorites.” This year there is a Medical Professionals category, and in this year of elections, we’d appreciate your vote! Read more here, and thank you in advance for your support!


By Eric L. Weiss, MD