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On this Memorial Day weekend we have much to be thankful for and much to reflect on. As is tradition, let us pause and remember and honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Theirs was a great sacrifice which allows us to enjoy our families and afternoon barbeques this long weekend. 

Let us also remember the battle waged against COVID by all of us, but especially health care workers across the U.S. During the past 12 months we lost more than 3,600 health care workers due to COVID, more than half under the age of 60, and mostly nurses (562) and doctors (291), and then other members of the health care team. I plan to think about them this weekend as well.

I also thank you, our patients and readership, for your support over this past year. As I mentioned last week, it has been both challenging, and rewarding. With the coming of Memorial Day, it is now officially summer, and with continued COVID vaccine success, and waning COVID cases,  what better time to retire our “CV🦠News”? Starting with our June issue, you will see (and hopefully enjoy!) our usual The Village Doctor newsletter. Thank you again to my hardworking team for writing and producing more than 52 issues of CV🦠News!  I will reflect on them and their efforts too this weekend. Please now enjoy this last edition.

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Eric Weiss, MD, May 29, 2021


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Tune in for another segment of our interview with Dr. Eric Weiss and Medical Assistant Kimmie Butler! This week, we talk about what got them through 2020, a difficult year for us all. Maybe you can relate to what they’ll have to say.


Last week the CDC updated it’s mask guidelines. But as we know from previous guidance, many states have relaxed their own guidelines in comparison to the ones given by the CDC.

This time is no different. States are not obligated to follow the CDC and can have separate milder or stricter directives based on their own COVID 19 numbers. 

The main change in the guidelines issued in the first week of May was that fully vaccinated individuals no longer have to wear masks or maintain 6 feet of distance in indoor spaces.

Many were surprised by this announcement, but it does come as there is a consistent downward trend in COVID 19 new cases counts as well as deaths since January... Read more

Prerana Sangani, MD, May 25, 2021


Many parents who desperately sought out vaccines for themselves earlier in the year are now asking tough questions about vaccinating their children 12-15 years old.  As a pediatrician, I take pride in reassuring parents that we are much more cautious, conservative, and thoughtful with our children’s health than our own.  And it is totally understandable that we hold new therapeutics for them to a higher standard of safety.  The good news is that this vaccine is very safe, incredibly effective, has very mild side effects, and it is helping kids get back into their normal school, social, sporting, vacation, camp, and family lives.

Here are some of the most common questions parents have about the COVID-19 vaccine... Read more

Sky Pittson, MD,  May 26, 2021


Pain in the hands is a pretty common complaint that will bring patients to be evaluated. Most times, pain in the hands can be indicative of arthritis, but not always. Sometimes, you can experience pain due to nerve damage such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, trigger fingers, or inflammation… Read more

Diana Girnita, MD, PhD is US board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology. She completed a PhD in immunology, postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, immunology fellowship at University of Pittsburgh and rheumatology fellowship at University of Cincinnati. She is the founder & CEO of Rheumatologist OnCall, a telemedicine company that serves multiple states in the US. She also sees patients in her new office in Sunnyvale. Thank you, Dr. Girnita for sharing your wisdom with us!




If you have made it this far, time for a reward, something to lighten your day, and acknowledge the human spirit. Find some escape, or perhaps even inspiration, in this ever-growing collection of works and perspectives gathered from around the world. Please contact me directly if you have come across something that has lifted your heart today.  Dr. Eric Weiss


Bay Area Teens launch “World’s First Science Social Network”

SciLynk, the passion project of Arnav Chakravarthy and Arvind Kumar, is a new social media network dedicated to the STEM community. Over the last year, the two have worked remotely to create a site with feature forums, messaging, opportunity for mentorship and focus on 30 unique science groups. “Social networks nowadays, they’re very restricted to only researchers and they have a very research professional approach,” Chakravarthy said. “I think that’s not the best approach, as we are also students, and we are also science lovers. And since we want to also start our scientific journeys, I think the best age to start is young.”

Visit the site before the official Summer launch!


Paul Morin paints lifelike portraits of Freedom Riders for 60th anniversary

Award-winning artist Paul Morin paints portraits that celebrate the human spirit. In his recent project Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble: 24 Freedom Riders, Morin painted the mugshots of 24 Freedom Riders to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Freedom Rides, which began in May 1961. After Freedom Rider John Lewis’s passing in July 2020, Morin discovered an article showcasing the mugshots of Lewis and several Freedom Riders. He noticed many smiling faces amongst the photos and decided to paint portraits of the expressions. “You have to imagine what they were going through, they were all facing prison,” began Morin, “and yet, they were still smiling. And I think it has to do with the joy of being part of a movement that is bigger than yourself.” Morin’s works are on display at ArtHaus in San Francisco.

Learn more about this works here!


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