What Has The Covid-19 Pandemic Done to Young Adults’ Mental Health?

Most states are now under a shelter-in-place order, meaning people may only leave if their job permits them to do so or for home and personal necessities. While this may be the best thing for the spreading of the virus to slow down, what is this doing to young adults’ mental health?

A daunting overview

The only pertinent topic of discussion that has circulated the news for the past two months is the Coronavirus outbreak and everything that it has come with. This respiratory virus has created a global pandemic and millions of people are under lockdown because of its rapid spread. Every day, the number of cases and deaths are steadily growing all over the world, now specifically in the United States. Every local and national news channel is covering some sort of story at least once a day about the virus. 

 Mass unemployment

As of mid March, over 22 million people have filed for unemployment due to termination and having to stay at home. The economy has taken a serious hit with most people having to follow the government’s orders and, in doing so, the workforce is also suffering. This leaves people stuck at home, isolated, and unable to do much about it. When isolated, those who are struggling. Also, many students are becoming anxious about having to do their schooling online, thus creating more of a desire to block out the anxiety. While not all students are drinking the days away, many are turning to illegal substances or unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with their current reality.

There are many online resources for those who cannot see a psychologist or counselor in person, but not enough people are taking advantage of this. This is happening to people of all ages, and there is only so much the government can allow for personal interaction in order to slow the spread of the virus. We must be proactive and reach out to family and friends alike. Let people know you are thinking of them and care about them, send a thoughtful care package, or create an online group to send positive messages to one another. The only way we can help each other is by being there for each other.

At The Village Doctor, we believe that a healthy mind is a prerequisite for a healthy body. Even when we are not mental health specialists we use wellness services such as acupuncture, nutrition and massage therapy to help our patients lead a happy and fulfilled life. All our therapies are carried out by a team of trained and experienced professionals who provide a comfortable and nurturing environment to patients, fostering the development of healthy behaviors and a healthy mind. Contact us today to learn more about how you can take care of your mental health in the time of social distancing.