The Village Doctor Newsletter – Week of January 29, 2024

Happy and Healthy New Year!

Wow. 2024. Double wow, The Village Doctor turns twenty years old in just a few months! Please watch this space for more information about how we plan to celebrate this milestone.In another milestone, I am excited to introduce you all to my new (and first ever) Executive Assistant, Ashley Cross. Ashley joined me and #TeamTVD just a few weeks ago and I could not be more pleased. She brings not only years of EA experience, but a skill set which continues to pleasantly surprise me most every day (!). Please join me in helping Ashley feel at home at The Village Doctor. For your address books: [email protected].

Wow. Here’s to an amazing 2024…


Eric Weiss, MD, January, 2024

Pediatrics - Newsletter


There are two main types of nosebleeds: Anterior and posterior nosebleeds, with anterior bleeds being much more common. In an anterior nosebleed, the bleeding comes from the veins in the front part of the nose, typically in the septum (which is the wall that divides the nostrils.)

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Internal Medicine - Section Baner Newsletter


As winter continues its chilly embrace, the season of colds and influenza descends upon us, bringing with it a surge in patients seeking relief from coughs and viral infections. However, amidst the clamor for quick remedies, it’s crucial to set the stage for a balanced approach to healthcare.

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Alcohol has become ubiquitous in society, though interestingly reports show Gen Z is the most sober generation yet, with almost 30% of college students abstaining from alcohol. People are increasingly becoming aware of lesser known effects of alcohol, including the direct link between alcohol of any 7 different kinds of cancer, sleep disruption, heart and brain problems. It is also important also to debunk the myth of red wine being “good for your heart;” the amount of the preventive compound resveratrol in a glass of wine is negligible.

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 You might recall that last year The Village Doctor had the honor of sponsoring Erik Arvidsoson, a member of the “speed team” on the US Ski Team. There were some fabulous photos of the TVD logo speeding downhill courses around the world, culminating with an outstanding finish in Aspen, Colorado.

Sadly Erik was injured during his last training run just a month ago, and will be out for this season. Such a disappointment for us, and an unimaginable one for Erik. In an effort to both lift his spirits as well as document his return to the World Cup circuit he has started a Blog he is calling “Tales from the White Circus”, and I encourage you to click through and sign up!

Erik, here’s to a speedy recovery! All of us here at TVD are pulling for you and can’t wait to see you flying down the mountains once again.

Separately, another member of #TeamTVD has an announcement: our very own Annie Rubin, RD, has started a brand new program to help you get rid of that pesky inflammation that’s making your autoimmune disease so miserable for you. She writes:

This has been months in the making. I have listened to so many of you who are looking for a way to feel better without a huge time and financial commitment. So…I’ve created a program that I think is perfect.

My Ditch Your Inflammation program is designed to kickstart your autoimmune healing journey in just 4 weeks! Imagine that….the opportunity to start feeling like your old self again in a month. So if you are:

  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and oh so very tired
  • Making a commitment to better your health this year
  • Interested in learning the fundamentals of an anti-inflammatory eating plan
  • Looking for a long-term healing approach for your autoimmune disease

Then my Ditch Your Inflammation program is for you. Click HERE to learn more.

Congratulations, Annie, on building this new program to help those with chronic inflammation feel better.

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Yours, in health and resilience,

Eric and the TVD MD team…