The Village Doctor Newsletter – Week of April 25, 2022

As the air is crisp, the skies are (mostly) blue and the Spring / Easter / Passover season is all around us, I hope this April newsletter finds you all healthy and well. In an intentional move NOT to further barrage you with COVID information, let me simply encourage you to read below thoughtful pieces by Dr. Jackie Phillips on children vegetarians, Dr. Jennifer Abrams update on Heartburn (GERD) management, and lastly (and thank you in advance, Dr. Sarah Mitchell!) wisdom from our guest author on “sleep regression”. Dr. Mitchell is a chiropractor by training but found her passion empowering parents to teach their little ones to sleep and parent confidently day and night.

In Love and Peace (and sleep),

Eric Weiss, MD, April 18, 2022




What is a sleep regression?
A sleep is regression occurs when your child who normally slept well starts resisting going to sleep, has trouble staying asleep either with night time sleep or naptime sleep and/or wakes up before 6 am.

Why do sleep regressions happen?
Any time you hear sleep regression, think growth and distraction.  Your child is growing physically or neurologically and that is distracting her from falling asleep and/or connecting sleep cycles in the night or at nap time.   Physical growth includes teething.  Neurological growth includes acquiring concepts, such as object permanence or motor acquisition such as rolling, hovering on all fours or pulling up to standing… Read more



In a recent visit, I asked a patient what she wanted to be when she grew up and she very quickly responded “a vegetarian.” It was not exactly the answer I expected, but I wasn’t surprised either. Questions about becoming vegetarian are becoming more and more common in check-ups these days, for both boys and girls in middle and high school. Those with toddlers who are reading this may be wondering when their kid will ever want to eat any vegetables, but those whose kids are experimenting with vegetarianism wonder how to best support their child’s decisions, how best to adapt as a family and how to make sure their child continues to have balanced nutrition… Read more


Heartburn, also known in the medical world as “gastroesophageal reflux” or “GERD,” is caused by irritation of the esophagus due to stomach acid.  Most commonly this leads to a burning discomfort in your upper abdomen below your breastbone or up into your chest.  Other symptoms can include nausea, finding it difficult to swallow, or a hot, acidic, bitter taste in the back of the throat.  Occasionally untreated GERD can lead to chronic cough… Read more


It is my please, in this space, to highlight the work of The Village Doctor friends and family.

This month I’d like to give two shout outs. The first to Ms. Cathy Quon who recently shared the note below, and the second to Bob and Dottie King, who continue to work to truly change our world.

“Hi, friends and supporters: I wanted to share that my exhibit, “Silent No More: a history of anti-Asian discrimintation in the U.S.,” will be part of a larger exhibit called “Women Rising” at the Drawing Room Gallery at 780 Valencia Street, San Francisco. The curators tell me there will be over 150 works of art. If you’re interested in seeing my exhibit in a large gallery setting and viewing other artists’ work, head over to the gallery. The exhibit runs for six weeks, ending on April 30. Fair warning: Parking can be challenging on the weekends although there are three lots within walking distance of the gallery. Lots of great restaurants nearby!”

And another power couple has been awarded another wonderful award from Stanford University: Bob and Dottie King join just 31 previous recipients in receiving Stanford’s Uncommon Citizen award from President President Marc Tessier-Lavigne who notes, ““Bob and Dottie King inspire all of us at Stanford through their dedication to service and philanthropy, “True humanitarians, they have helped leverage the university’s strengths to drive lasting change both in our campus community and across the globe. Stanford is fortunate to benefit from their remarkable counsel, support and friendship.”

The honor is awarded only when the president of the university deems it appropriate to recognize individuals with rare and extraordinary service to Stanford.

I simply concur, Bob and Dottie are very special citizens, indeed.

Please read more about this very special honor in the Stanford Report here.


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Eric and the TVD MD team…