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Joy, Kindness and Mindfulness 

These last few weeks we all have experienced a change in our daily rhythm that we likely have never experienced in our lifetimes. With that change, there can be uncertainty, fear and sadness.  But there can be joy,

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Self-care for the Holidays

Self-care is preventative health care. We get flu shots to minimize contracting the flu. We balance food, sleep and exercise to prevent getting sick. We wear sunscreen to protect our skin. You get the picture. Seeking treatments for

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3 Simple Steps to Basic Self Care

Our bodies are intelligent mechanisms made up of systems that are in constant communication with one another. When something is out of place or in discordance with the Whole, the body sends signals. Treat these as cues, for

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The Importance of Self-care

Part of my profession is to teach, actually preach, about the benefits of self-care: “To take good… better care of your children, parents, husband, wife, one has to take care of oneself.” It’s wisdom and common sense all

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