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Setting SMART Goals in 2020

The majority of New Year’s resolutions set at the beginning of the year fail to come to fruition. This is because most goals set are either too vague or not thought through. I always say that changing our

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Self-care for the Holidays

Self-care is preventative health care. We get flu shots to minimize contracting the flu. We balance food, sleep and exercise to prevent getting sick. We wear sunscreen to protect our skin. You get the picture. Seeking treatments for

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Nutrition On-the-Go

Whether you travel for work or fun, making positive food choices can be challenging. However, traveling is not an excuse to throw good habits out the window, especially if you are actively trying to make positive changes. Below

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Nutrition Packages

I am excited to announce new nutrition packages available now at The Wellness Studio. The packages come in 3 different levels of commitment to fit your health and wellness goals. The Jumpstart Package – $400 This package is

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Supplements for Kids

With the bewildering number of vitamin and herbal supplements out there, I am often confused as to a product’s exact ingredients, and sometimes its basic purity and safety. And as long as a supplement does not claim to

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Nutrition Tips for Athletic Events

With the upcoming Woodside May Day Fun Run & Walk and all of the other fun summer athletic events, I thought this would be a perfect time to talk about sports and nutrition. Below are important nutrition tips

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