Reasons Why Concierge Care Produces Better Health Outcomes

Traditional primary care physicians only spend about 15 minutes or less with each patient. This makes patients feel rushed and dissatisfied with the level of care they receive. Concierge medicine is an increasingly popular health care model that refocuses on individual patients and emphasizes preventive care. Read on to learn more about the benefits of concierge care and find out if it’s right for you.

Concierge care is a model of health care in which a patient pays an annual fee to the doctor to be part of a smaller, more personal panel of patients. When we limit the number of new patients we accept, it allows us to provide a greatly improved quality of care.

Reasons Why Concierge Care Produces Better Health Outcomes

Here are some top benefits of having a concierge medication provider:

Same-day appointments

Concierge Doctors offer flexible hours due to their smaller number of patients, which means you can see your doctor the same day you call to make an appointment. This increased access to your PCP allows your doctor to gain an intimate understanding of your physical (and even emotional) health. Concierge medicine is particularly beneficial for those with chronic medical conditions who need intensive and ongoing evaluations.

Longer times

Typically, regular doctors can see up to 30 patients or more in a day, creating severe time constraints. Concierge physicians have a much smaller group of patients, so they can spend much more time than the average 15 minutes with each patient.

When you are in a medical concierge program, you can expect your doctor to spend a lot of time gathering information about your:

  • Medical history
  • Current lifestyle
  • Future goals
  • Preventive care options

24-hour access

Many would be surprised to learn that concierge medicine goes beyond same-day appointments and more detailed exams to include services such as home delivery of medications, 24/7 phone, and email access.

This not only results in a better and more comfortable doctor/patient relationship but also allows the doctor to implement a personalized long-term wellness plan for each and every patient.

More efficient health coverage

Because concierge physicians have more time to spend with their patients, they are less likely to rely on expensive tests and procedures to diagnose. What makes this practice profitable. Our team cares about your health and will provide you with a higher level of service.

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