Peek A Boo.

Peek A BooIf you get the daily emails from The Almanac Online and Palo Alto Express you will have seen our new advertising campaign. We’re highlighting the few spaces we have remaining in Pediatrics during this season of Open Enrollment. It’s the ideal time to consider stepping out of today’s inefficient standard system of healthcare. We call that ‘stopwatch medicine’– long wait times to get a rushed appointment. Interested in learning more? Give me a call at (650) 851-4747 or send me an email at [email protected].

The ad was developed by Jim Sanderson and Bryan Forman of Sanderson Studios. We think they do a great job capturing our special combination of warmth and expertise. I may personally be a bit biased, but you can judge for yourself by viewing more of their work here. They also created a campaign for us that runs in PUNCH Magazine. You can see one of those ads at the bottom of this post.

Dana SandersonPeek A Boo