Measles & Shingles: Get Your Vaccines!

Dr. Jennifer MillerMeasles: Our San Mateo County Health Department sent out a health advisory on April 5th that there have been 6 new measles cases identified in the last month in Santa Clara County. The index case was an unvaccinated traveler who was exposed in Europe and developed measles after returning to the Bay Area. We will be asking patients who have had a fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit  whether they have had a rash and we are reminding patients to get their measles booster. Adults born before 1957 are considered naturally immune and do not need to be immunized. Anyone born after 1957 and before 1970 and those born between 1970-1988 who received only one dose of MMR as a child (or if you’re not sure) should receive one booster dose of the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. Anyone born after 1988 who has completed their routine childhood immunizations is considered immune and does not need a booster.

New Shingles vaccine reminder: The new shingles vaccine, ‘Shingrix,’ is now available.  This vaccine has performed remarkably better than the old ‘Zostavax’ vaccine and is recommended by the Center for Disease Control for all adults over age 50, whether or not you have had shingles and whether or not you have had the old shingles vaccine (Zostavax). We highly recommend you call us to schedule getting the new Shingrix vaccine if you are over age 50. This is a 2-part vaccine – we will remind you to come in after 2-6 months for the second of two doses. (April 2018)

Dr. Jennifer Miller