How do you see the world?

Cassie Schindler is a 40 (plus) -year practitioner of eastern meditation and a Certified Mindfulness Educator. A former 25-year Fortune 500 executive and healthy survivor of MS (multiple sclerosis), Cassie knows personally the toxic impact of chronic stress on the nervous system and has made it her life’s work to deliver potent wellness programs and coaching to individuals, non-profits, community and corporate groups. For over 6 years, Cassie trained in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Certification and explores “mindful awareness” with us.

The way you view the world around you has everything to do with your current state of mind, and overall experience of wellness.

So, how do you see your world?

You may have already noticed that when it comes to personal health, family, relationships and work, an open mind versus a closed one, produces completely different results.

Outdated beliefs and disempowering habits that we (and our culture) reinforce from as early as childhood, can blur your vision, cause you to form rash assumptions, and react automatically. All without stepping back to observe the big picture.

How does this happen?

We humans are storehouses of emotions. Some of them packed away so deeply, that we’re unaware they’re playing a role in our daily decision-making. In fact, they may silently dictate how things roll on any given day.

Amid the noise and busy-ness of your life, you may not take time to sort out what’s working for you and what might be holding you back.

What if there was a way to put on a new pair of glasses, in an effort to observe, without judgment, your operating system? There is, and it’s not new. Enter mindful awareness.

What is mindful awareness?

Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about mindfulness recently, but may be confused as to its real meaning or worth. Let’s keep this simple; mindfulness is the practice of (re)directing your moment-to-moment attention, to gain clarity and compassion before reaction.

Mindfulness and awareness training, allow you to see more clearly, to step back and observe patterns and the whole picture, not just its individual parts.

Why would that be helpful?

Many of us have made attempts to enact positive change (including adding meditation to our daily schedules), only to be thwarted by ingrained patterns, negative thinking, and mind traps that derail our progress.

On top of that, we tend to paint a picture with a broad stroke, dismissing the drama and pertinent clues that can provide previously unrecognized bias.

Consider the implications of formal and informal practices that in time, help to diminish assumption-making and over-reacting, increase self-love and care, and heighten physical and emotional well being.

The path to freedom from unhealthy mindsets is just around the corner.

When should you take the first step on this path?

Actually? Now.

In cooperation with The Village Hub and The Village Doctor, please join Certified Mindfulness Educator, Cassie Schindler for one or more of these upcoming wellness events hosted at The Village Hub.

Registration is open. Details for the three event options below can be found at:

1) The Power of Letting Go

One-Day Workshop

Saturday, April 6 (9am-4pm)

To increase personal power and wellness, first cultivate the ability to let go of what NO LONGER FITS and supports your life. This workshop consists of instructor presentation of concepts and materials, group and individual discussion and activities, take-home workbook containing key concepts and journal exercises, varied mindfulness meditation practices sprinkled throughout the day, and a light vegetarian lunch. No prior meditation experience necessary.

2) Mindful U: The education we all should have received earlier in life

Four-week course + 1-day practice session

Mondays, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13 (6pm-7:30pm), plus a practice session on 5/25 (9am-3pm)

This 4-part weekly series allows for concepts to be delivered and practiced at home, between sessions. Each 90-minute class consists of instructor presentation of concepts and materials, group and individual discussion and activities, journal entries, live training of informal and formal mindfulness meditation techniques, take-home deck of playing cards and guided meditation audios. No prior meditation experience necessary.

3) A Day of Practice

Saturday, June 1 (9am-3pm)

Already completed mindful awareness training, or are in need of a refresher? Join in this full day of practicing the formal (and informal) mindfulness meditation techniques, back-to-back, in the company of a like-minded group, observing the gift of silence. The day will begin and end with group discussion, with silence in between, including the 45-minute break for the “mindful eating” of a light vegetarian lunch. Participants should have some prior experience with meditation.

Cassie Schindler, Certified Mindfulness Educator