June 30, 2019 – The Village Doctor


Welcome Kimberley!

I am delighted to finally announce the addition of a critical member of Team TVD, seen front and center in the photo with the sparkling eyes and dark hair. Kimberley Burgan accepted the position of Front Desk Concierge

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The Rockets Red Glare Without the Risk!

Happy (almost) 4th of July! Maybe it’s an homage to the “Rockets’ Red Glare”, but Americans love to light up things that go boom in honor of their nation’s birth. However, due to the risk of injuries, the

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Get Outside for Better Health!

Summer is officially here! Time to take a vacation, relax, and enjoy some fresh air. Fresh air is one of the foundations of good qi (pronounced “chee”), or energy, in traditional Chinese medicine. Qi is important for health

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The Scott Foundation

The Village Doctor is honored to work with real movers and shakers in Silicon Valley, wonderful and inspiring people really working to change the world. It has been my privilege to highlight some of these individuals here in

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