Vaccines and COVID-19: Parents need to know

Little girl receiving a vaccine

Many parents are wondering if their babies or children should still get their vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic and what should they do if they have medical appointments coming up.

The short answer – It’s important!


The Washington State Health officials and the American Academy of Pediatrics say the last thing we need is to start an outbreak like measles—on top of Covid-19 so vaccines are still important.

“If vaccination rates fall, we will end up with yet another measles outbreak which is the last thing we need in the middle of a pandemic,” said Dr. Plicy Perez from the Washington State American Academy of Pediatrics.

It is important that children and babies keep their vaccinations up to date because they protect them from serious diseases. It means that when your children can return to interacting with other children, they’ll have protection from some other diseases too.

Safely get routine vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you have kids, you might be thinking twice about taking them to the doctor’s office to get their shots. 

As parents we want to keep our children safe, and your doctor does too. Doctors’ offices, urgent care centres and hospitals are taking steps to clean and disinfect carefully. Care providers are keeping any patients with possible infections separated from other patients.

Furthermore, be sure to keep kids away from crowded areas whenever possible and keep children at least 6 feet away from anyone who is sick with a cough or fever, including family members should be a primary protection barrier in any case.

Where can I find the latest guidance on vaccinations?


Contact your healthcare provider, consult your local and national health authority websites and follow the guidance provided by WHO and UNICEF.

Should I delay routine checkups for my baby?


One of the best ways you can protect your child is to follow the recommended vaccine schedule. Any time you delay a vaccine, you’re increasing your child’s vulnerability to disease.

Your paediatrician is your partner in maintaining your child’s health. Unfortunately, since the pandemic, fewer parents are taking their children to the doctor. In response to this, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) stresses that routine baby and child checkups are still essential — especially in-person visits and vaccines for children aged 24 months and younger.

The AAP states that babies and children need to see the doctor in person for physical exams; testing (including laboratory testing); hearing, vision and oral health screening; fluoride varnish, and immunizations.

What should I do if my baby or child seems sick?


Children are susceptible to stomach aches, rashes, emotional concerns, allergies, and other things not related to Covid-19. Contact us here at The Village Doctor to discuss any health problems affecting your child.

If you are concerned that your child has COVID-19, call your doctor first, and describe the symptoms. Your doctor will recommend what to do.

If you are unsure of whether or not your immunization service is still running, please check with us.