Tutto È Possibile (Anything Is Possible)


Tutto È PossibileEvery now and then, we have an experience that feels so good we want to share. We had one recently between our medical assistant, Christie and one of our pediatric patients. This young man was understandably apprehensive about upcoming blood draws, so Christie designed a needle exposure therapy plan for him. Over the course of about six weeks he came in regularly so he could become familiar with the blood draw process. With each session, the patient became more and more comfortable being in the exam room while Christie demonstrated the procedure and answered all of his questions. They deepened their trusting relationship and when he underwent his first actual draw with her, everyone celebrated! It was a special moment for all of us who witnessed his pride in overcoming his fear. A few days later he came by with a special gift for Christie covered with stickers of llamas. They’d discovered they both had a soft spot for them over the course of his visits, which made her appreciate his gesture even more. It’s these experiences that make us all appreciate our opportunity to work where True Concierge MedicineTM is practiced – The Village Doctor.


Dana Sanderson