The Village Doctor Newsletter – Week of March 18, 2024

As I noted in last month’s newsletter, The Village Doctor will celebrate its 20th birthday next month. To commemorate this milestone, we’ve developed a new logo for use this year, and no doubt you’ll start to see it in the footer of our email communications or perhaps even in our socials (check out our Instagram here, Facebook here, or LinkedIn here!). I still find it hard to believe that it has been twenty years…

Loosely related, with the passage of 20 years, some of our early and then youngest patients are now adults, and this brings me to the topic of patient confidentiality and communicating with the parents of our now adult patients. You know where I’m going with this… at The Village Doctor, we take patient confidentiality very seriously. Since the early days of medicine, the doctor-patient relationship has been sacred, and private. And in 1996 this concept was enshrined in law with the passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). So all to say that what you say at TVD stays at TVD. This can be a challenge for us when family members call and want patient information, especially when those calling are parents of adult children, or concerned spouses. Please understand that patient information can NOT be shared without explicit permission from the adult patient. To underscore this, we have a patient “release of information” form, which can be completed and signed to allow such outside communication. Without it, lab results, consult opinions, and doctor-patient conversations need to remain private.

Thank you for your understanding,


Eric Weiss, MD, March 20, 2024

Pediatrics - Newsletter


As a pediatrician and a parent to young children, I spend a lot of time thinking about “screen time” and a considerable amount of effort at home these days trying to practice what I preach. It is certainly not easy, but limiting your children’s screen time is a responsible and important aspect of parenting, as we know excessive screen time can have potential negative impacts on both their physical and mental well-being (much as it can to our own!)

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Internal Medicine - Section Baner Newsletter


Obesity, a multifaceted health concern affecting millions globally, demands innovative solutions beyond conventional diet and exercise regimes. Amidst the array of medications and therapies, GLP-1 agonists, such as Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro, emerge as a beacon of hope, offering a novel avenue for weight management in obese patients. Their efficacy, coupled with safety profiles, marks a significant stride in combating the obesity epidemic.

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While tea and coffee themselves can provide various health and social benefits, the type of packaging and the vessel they come in can pose certain health risks. It’s worth knowing these so you can be conscious in your product choices to avoid toxic exposures. 

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For you football fans out there, have you recovered from the nail-biting loss at last month’s Super Bowl? As you may know, the 49ers and this past Super Bowl strike close to home (looking at you, Dr. McColl). But there is more of a connection than you might appreciate! Let me introduce you to my friend and colleague, Dr. Tim McAdams who is the SF 49ers team physician and orthopedic expert (pictured above with his colleagues Drs. Maloney and Abrams). If you were watching, you will have seen him (too often, sadly) on the sidelines in Las Vegas. Dr. McAdams is also a Professor of Orthopedics at Stanford which is our primary relationship. Not surprisingly, his interest is in sports medicine (and also very much football). There is a very interesting piece on him and his history and role with the 49ers here. Tim, here’s to next year in New Orleans!

Another bit of TVD trivia… many of you will know that I have an Australia connection, which led last month to The Village Doctor attending the 2024 Australian Gala hosted by the Australian American Chamber of Commerce. You can see some photos of the event on Instagram here.

 And one good thing led to another and now The Village Doctor is the newest small business member of the same. 

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Yours, in health,

Eric and the TVD MD team…