Old Fashioned Values, Modern Medicine

After much time, effort, and fun, TVD has a new website! Please have a look at and hopefully you will find it captures our spirit of “true” concierge medicine; our practice which was built from the ground up to take care of your entire family, where everyone is on the same team, working together on your, and your family’s, health and wellness. Surf around, I welcome your feedback!

Pediatric Marketing

Concurrent with our new web and social media focus, we are looking to grow our pediatric (and adult) practice with young families. You know, your friends and neighbors. Since the early days of 2004, our TVD “babies” have grown and flown the coop, taking some of their parents with them. We would appreciate your referrals so we can continue to grow what we consider a very special way to practice medicine.

TVD Parking

Moving from the Internet to Bricks and Mortar: please be reminded to NOT park in any of the spaced reserved for Chase Bank. Parking in Woodside has always been a touchy subject and we wish to respect our delightful upstairs neighbors. There should always be parking for you directly in front of our office. Membership perk? Use our parking after hours when dining at our equally delightful neighbors at The Village Pub. (July 2018)

Modern Medicine

Dr. Eric Weiss