From the Heart

In traditional Chinese medicine, the heart governs the blood and houses the mind. In other words, if blood circulates smoothly and abundantly in the body, then the mind (shen), which includes emotions, will be healthy and happy!

If the heart is strong with ample blood flow, there is normal mental activity, good memory, good sleep, balanced emotions, clear consciousness, and clear thinking.

If the heart is weak and blood is deficient, there will be mental problems, such as depression. Also, there may be poor memory, poor sleep or insomnia, and foggy or unclear thinking.

The acupuncture treatment for a weak heart is to use points that tonify the heart, nourish blood, calm spirit or shen, especially if  there is mental restlessness, anxiety, and/or depression.

Another way to nourish the heart is to eat foods that are red in color. The color red is associated with the heart. Foods such as red beans, tomatoes, red chilies, watermelon, radishes, strawberries, beets, rhubarb, red potatoes, red onions, etc. all help nourish the heart.

As February is healthy heart awareness month, please take care of your heart by getting an acupuncture treatment, taking a walk, meditating, hugging a loved one, and/or eating a red apple. All are good for your heart.

Mary Nickel, L.Ac