Finding the Right Massage Therapist

Finding the right massage therapist, I’ve realized, is similar to finding a soulmate. When you meet the right person, you know it because it just works. My business teacher in massage school told us, ‘the right people will simply be drawn to you, there is someone for everyone.’ I’ve thought about her words often because no matter what kind of experiences healing sessions bring, there is always something to learn when the right people are working together. I get the notion now that it’s always the right person, at the perfect time, for the right reasons; something I’ve grown to trust and respect.

After one of her weekly massage sessions with me, a Village Doctor patient commented: “you have so much talent”. Another patient called me a “body whisperer”, which totally boosted my confidence, but I have to be sincere so my response back was: “it’s just that we’re the right fit”. It takes sincere effort from both parties to form a therapeutic relationship and achieve the health that is inherent and undeniably accessible. I merely offer suggestions and nudges for feeling and softening. If they are met with care and willingness, then the magic works. The recipe is intention + allowance = innate healing, which dramatically depends on an ability and desire to feel good.

Since I started my practice in body-work therapy seven years ago, I’ve seen many extraordinary things happen for people throughout our time together. I have gotten permission from some to share their stories.

Nancy came to me as a participant while I was completing my hours for certification in Craniosacral Therapy. When I met her in 2014, she was currently, and for the previous 10 years, fighting acute lower back pain. She previously had surgery for tears in her disc lining and had tried numerous other therapies for pain. Her efforts at healing included chiropractic care, acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, pilates, mental health therapy, and working with a neurologist. After none of those interventions worked, she was feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and depressed. During our first session, Nancy reported a momentary unexplainable good feeling. Mostly intrigued by it, she kept signing up for more sessions and the good feeling became increasingly more accessible. Before we knew it, we ended up doing weekly visits for almost a year. After a year of sessions, Nancy’s pain became and continues to be an afterthought. Her healing process remains somewhat of a mystery to this day, but it illustrates the importance of becoming devoted to feeling good.

When I met Barbara, a Village Doctor patient, she was suffering from severe migraines almost nightly. This had been going on for several years and she ‘learned to live with it’, attributing it to inevitable work and personal stress. After several massage therapy sessions, symptoms subsided for some time. I didn’t hear from her for several months until the headaches came back. Now she is diligent about coming in regularly, amazed that her migraines are completely gone. She’s listened to her body and has allowed herself the opportunity to heal.

A couple of Village Doctor patients who see me regularly offered to share some words about their experience:

“I began seeing Paola for massage therapy when she joined The Village Doctor.  I now see her regularly, on average about every three weeks. The issues she has resolved for me are general muscle tension and lower back pain.

Paola has paid attention to my complaints of lower back pain, and has adapted her techniques to address the issue. Recently, Paola added internal organ work (Chi Nei Tsang) to help with lower back pain. The treatment is a bit painful and discomforting, however, the pain subsides very quickly. I can feel a reduction in lower back pain immediately. When the massage is over, my lower back pain is gone, and I generally have a renewed, positive outlook on life, and look forward to the rest of the week. I look forward to time with Paola, as I know I will feel much better at the end. For those wondering – my lower back pain is the result of weekend “activities”.

I’d have to say – Paola’s treatments are really that – treatments. Her techniques and paying attention to my issues are best I’ve had.”

-Village Doctor patient, Kevin R.

“I am so grateful to The Village Doctor for letting me know about the cranial sacral massage that Paola does. Paola is by far the best masseuse I have ever experienced. She makes me feel so relaxed and calm. Afterwards I feel so completely relaxed that I just feel like I am floating. It is a very special experience to have met Paola who is so in touch with how to make the experience deeply relaxing.”

-anonymous Village Doctor patient

Paola DiVito, CMT