Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Jennifer MillerFebruary’s Valentine’s Day is a good reminder for many things, including… that March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month!  

Please remind all of your valentines, friends and family over 50 (and those younger who have a history of inflammatory bowel disease or a family history of colorectal cancer) to talk with their doctor to make sure they are up to date on colorectal screening.  

Currently, only 60% of US adults are up to date with their screening. Studies show regular screening can decrease death from colon cancer, the number 2 cause of cancer death in the US, by up to 17%. Risk of developing colon cancer can also be decreased through preventative measures such as weight loss (for those who are overweight), smoking cessation and decreasing red meat consumption.

Please call us if you have any questions about when your next colorectal screening should be. And see here for a list and description of the various colorectal screening methods. (March 2018)

Dr. Jennifer Miller