CV🦠News, Week of February 28, 2021

Dear TVD Friends,

It is hard to believe how far we’ve come. A year ago (March 2, 2020) our governor declared a State of Emergency in California over COVID-19. And here we are, a year later, with not one, but three, different and effective vaccines against the same. This is an unprecedented scientific feat. At the same time, we have spent a year “sheltering in place”, monitoring our “quarantine bubbles”, with our eyes suffering from Zoom fatigue, and our waistlines combatting a different kind of “COVID 19” (pounds, that is). All in, here we are a year later, with hope rising on the horizon like the sun.

We’re proud at TVD for having provided 100 of our patients their first dose of Moderna vaccine. We were pleasantly surprised that most of our older patients (> 65) had already been immunized via increasingly organized local vaccine channels. The broadened tier on February 22nd gave us the opportunity to protect another group of our patients. And on the 15th, we’ll get another opportunity, as the State is expanding their eligibility guidelines further. Note, as I’ve mentioned previously, the “chronic medical conditions” list is quite explicit and constraining, so there continues to be work to do.

Lastly, I am also proud of the team who write and put together our weekly newsletter! Most of our articles end up on our COVID FAQ page, which is now a rich repository of information. If you haven’t browsed there in awhile, go check it out here! And this week’s issue is again full of useful information including updates on the new J&J vaccine, what to do if your second vaccine dose might be delayed, some updates on testing, and even recommendations on how to help your family maintain healthy sleep habits during these stressful times.

Need a smile (and an important PSA)? Check out this video below featuring Dolly Parton encouraging us all to be immunized!

And lastly, let me draw your attention to an excellent, upcoming, virtual presentation on how to Eat to Beat Depression & Anxiety, featuring Drew Ramsey a psychiatrist, author, farmer, and founder of the Brain Food Clinic in New York City. Log on and learn more this coming Thursday, March 18th. A big shout out to our friend Jeanne Rosner at SOUL Food Salon for being Dr. Ramsey’s virtual host.

In continued health and community spirit,

Eric Weiss, MD, March 4, 2021


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Drew Ramsey is a psychiatrist, author, farmer, and founder of the Brain Food Clinic in New York City, which offers treatment and consultation for depression, anxiety, and emotional wellness concerns. Join Dr. Ramsey as he breaks down the latest research in brain science, nutrition, and mental health to shine a light on the connection between what we eat and how we feel. The best part? It’s free! Click here for event and registration information!



Whether you have an upcoming procedure or are just hoping to get away, receiving a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of the procedure or arrival is becoming easier.

Result turnaround times are becoming much shorter as compared to the winter surge. When there was a high volume of testing, longer times were expected.
If you have an upcoming procedure, ask the facility and the provider to coordinate COVID-19 testing through that facility. If your provider is not able to coordinate your COVID-19 testing,  please check our list of local options of where you can get COVID tested.
This list includes EVERA, which provides an easy at home testing option, as well as other local testing options​… Read more

Prerana Sangani, MD, March 1, 2021


The one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine was granted emergency use authorization by the FDA for use in people ages 18 and older on February 27th.  The CDC has recommended its use, saying that it comes at a pivotal time.  CDC Director Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky stated, “CDC’s latest data suggest that recent declines in COVID-19 cases may be stalling and potentially leveling off at still very high numbers. That is why it is so critical that we remain vigilant and consistently take all of the mitigation steps we know work to stop the spread of COVID-19 while we work our way toward mass vaccination.”… Read more

Jennifer Abrams, MD, March, 2021


With so many disruptions to our usual routines during this long pandemic, it is understandable for our sleep habits to suffer.  We have less structured days, more screen time, closed gyms and less exercise, and we’re staying at home and indoors much more.  These and many other challenges threaten healthy sleep, one of the most important components of good health, which impacts every other part of our day, from mood, concentration, memory, how we feel and function, and our immune system.  Here are some aspects of sleep hygiene to consider in order to achieve healthier sleep.

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. This is one of the most important and most challenging goals to maintain.  Keep your sleep and wake times as consistent as possible.   Keep your work/ school schedule as consistent as possible.  Avoid naps (or at least keep them shorter than 30 minutes, and early in the day).  Prioritize sleep and get enough for your body.  Find out how much sleep is needed at each age with Sleep Advisor’s handy chart… Read more

Sky Pittson, MD,  March 3, 2021


Maybe, but maybe not. First off, it’s worth acknowledging that getting the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is better than getting nothing at all. The most recent studies suggest that, 14 days after receiving the first dose, patients’ risk of contracting the virus will still be 75 percent lower for both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, and 80 percent lower for Moderna.

That is high enough that some organizations and public health professionals believe that, to contain the spread of the virus, it is most important to roll out first doses to a wider percentage of the population. In January the U.K. government decided to prioritize first doses, saying that their models suggest that “initially vaccinating a greater number of people with a single dose will prevent more deaths and hospitalisations than vaccinating a smaller number of people with two doses.”… Read more

Jackie Phillips, MD, March 1, 2021




If you have made it this far, time for a reward, something to lighten your day, and acknowledge the human spirit. Find some escape, or perhaps even inspiration, in this ever-growing collection of works and perspectives gathered from around the world. Please contact me directly if you have come across something that has lifted your heart today.  Dr. Eric Weiss


Dolly Parton got her first dose of COVID-19 vaccine she helped fund

Dolly Parton received her first shot of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine after donating $1 million to Vanderbilt University last year. In her video chronicling the vaccine process, she sang a parody of her hit song “Jolene.” To those on the fence about getting vaccinated, Parton says, “Don’t be such a chicken squat. Get out there and get your shot.”

Watch here!


SkyStar Wheel to Reopen in Golden Gate Park

The 150 ft. tall SkyStar Wheel in the Music Concourse of Golden Gate Park will reopen Thursday, March 4 at noon. This change follows health officials placing San Francisco into the less restrictive red tier, allowing for a return of some indoor/outdoor activities. They also announced they will offer all San Francisco graduating seniors to take a free ride on the Wheel beginning June 2 through Sept. 6th.

Get more information here!


UPS driver shower with support from a Pasadena community

Steve Wammack has become a beloved member of a Pasadena community after delivering mail to their area for more than 30 years. He recently decided to change his route, but hundreds took to social media to prompt him to reconsider the change. He was inspired to stay by the community he serves.

Watch more here!


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Yours, in health and resilience,

Eric and the TVD MD team…