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Where Can I Get Tested Locally for COVID-19?

9/14/20 Note: Result turn-around times appear to have decreased considerably across most lab testing sites.  Currently Stanford lab and LabCorp Pixel test turn-around are both about 24-48 hours. **We recommend the options starred below for their combination of relative

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Where can kids be tested for COVID-19?

Santa Clara County Testing — No video visit or doctor’s order required; multiple sites located in Santa Clara, San Jose, and Morgan Hill. Testing is for ASYMPTOMATIC patients only. Residency in Santa Clara County is not required. Who:

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Are there “home tests” for Coronavirus?

As of July 22, 2020, there continues to be wider availability of at-home testing for COVID-19, however with the current surge, the tests turn around times have generally been longer than expected. Each of these tests looks for

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