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How can I get COVID-19 tested with results back today?

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**If you are getting tested before travel, please make sure that the test you choose is accepted by your planned airline or travel destination**

Outside of the hospitals and emergency rooms, it remains fairly difficult to get a rapid COVID-19 test at any local site. While you may have seen that some CVS and Walgreens Pharmacies are now offering rapid tests,  there are unfortunately no locations in the San Francisco Bay area offering this yet.

Dignity | GoHealth Urgent Care – Rapid point of care testing using the Abbott test is available to children and adults with results typically available within an hour. You will have to schedule a virtual appointment prior to getting a drive-through test and the available slots are limited. Same day testing is NOT guaranteed. Visit their website to schedule a video visit. Keep in mind that this test has less sensitivity than most PCR tests and thus is more likely to have false negatives, so if you are truly concerned you might have COVID, you should verify a negative rapid test with a PCR test. 

Stanford Emergency Department– The Stanford ED has an option to walk-in for a quick virtual visit with a doctor and a COVID test with results generally available in under 6-12 hours. While it is not considered a regular ED visit, there are charges associated with the service. In our experience, patients have not experienced long wait times and the visits tend to be relatively quick (under 30-45 minutes), although this of course can vary. This service is only available during the day time.

CityHealth Urgent Care in San Francisco– This urgent care clinic is offering appointments for rapid antigen tests for symptomatic patients only (they do also PCR tests available for asymptomatic or symptomatic patients.) During less busy periods, appointments can be made the same day by booking online. Testing is free and results should be back within an hour for the rapid test. The clinic is located at 300 Jessie E, San Francisco, CA 94103. 

Jackie Phillips, MD, November 24, 2020