The Village Doctor Newsletter – Week of October 8, 2021



If there was ever a time to get a flu shot, it would be this year. I’m generally a big proponent of being immunized against influenza, but this year I’m giving even a bigger shout out (and if you are a TVD patient, our flu shots are IN, please give us a call to schedule yours!).

This flu season has the potential to be worse than usual due to everyone’s good (COVID) behaviour last fall (ironic, isn’t it?). In general, flu seasons are buffered by a decent number of people having had the flu the year before, and having some residual natural immunity which helps protect the general public. However, due to last year’s “sheltering in place”, there was relatively little flu illness, so more of us are at some increased risk this year. Ugh. Get your flu shot (now is a good time)! You can read more about this here, and more about our “egg free”, and now quadrivalent “Flublok” vaccine we offer at The Village Doctor here.

And there is still COVID out there, as you know, so please keep up your good (infection control)  behaviour, and if you haven’t already, get your COVID shot too!

In health, and prevention,

Eric Weiss, MD, October, 9 2021



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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get your pink out!

The current guidelines across all agencies is for a woman age 50 and over should have yearly mammograms.  Additional testing such as ultrasounds may be needed if you are in high risk group such has 1st degree relative with Breast CancerRead more



Although Halloween can be a (sugar) headache for parents, I find it is the perfect teaching opportunity to help both parents and kids improve their relationship with food. Research shows that restricting foods leads to overeating in both children and adults. Allowing yourself and your children to eat all foods without feeling guilty fosters a healthier relationship with food. Below are some tips to help make Halloween less stressful:

Do not restrict your child’s halloween candy

Restricting candy sends the message that candy is “bad”. Kids are more likely to want things that are off-limits. By restricting candy, your child is more likely to overeat when it is allowed, and eat it behind your back when it is not. Try to remain neutral in your thoughts about candy and refrain from making comments about how unhealthy candy isRead more



In previous years, the summer always seemed to have passed too quickly.

This year, with the pandemic and the Delta variant, many students are actually glad that summer is over and are excited to get back to in-person schooling.  Their socialization drought is now over.

And, as it happens, tics in patients with Tourette syndrome often increase this time of year.  Frequently, anxiety is a trigger for tics, and it is generally accepted that many students’ anxiety is higher during the school year than during vacations.  Other contributing factors can include fatigue and any type of stress... Read more


The Woodside Day of the Horse celebrates the unique equestrian heritage of Woodside and the extraordinary contribution horses make to the quality of life throughout San Mateo County. Made possible by a public-private partnership of Woodside-area Horse Owners Association (WHOA!), The Town of Woodside and our generous Sponsors and Volunteers. For more information please visit:


Again, our TVD Newsletter is a labor of love. If you enjoy reading this, please share widely! Was this forwarded to you by a friend? Please subscribe here.


Yours, in health and resilience,

Eric and the TVD MD team…