Spring Is in the Air!

Spring Is in the Air

Spring is in the air! Daylight savings time, vernal equinox (the first day of spring), and now, spring break, are all upon us. The kids are home from college, so a good opportunity for hugs, and some consideration of “screen time”. I encourage you to read Dr. Phillips’ newsletter piece on Media, Screen Time and Young Minds, where there are tips for kids of all ages, including you. And once the sun comes out, I know my friend Dr. Susan Swetter would appreciate this shout out for “sunscreen”! To dive a little deeper, I think you’ll enjoy her response to Rowan Jacobsen’s interesting piece in Outside Magazine entitled “Is Sunscreen the New Margarine?” I know what Dr. Swetter, a world class expert in melanoma, thinks. And lastly, with all of this, comes a certain amount of stress. We might think about spring as a season which lends itself to new beginnings, to letting go and looking forward. Our Wellness Studio guest writer, Cassie Schindler, would agree, and I encourage you to read about her work on “mindful awareness”. You might even want to partake in one of her wonderful workshops at Spring Is in the AirWoodside’s very own gathering place, The Village Hub. You can read more about her offerings here. So, put on your sunscreen, turn off your screens, and go outside. As Rainer Rilke wrote, “Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” Enjoy.

Dr. Eric Weiss