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Where Can I Get Tested Locally for COVID-19?

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Stanford Galvez COVID Testing

Please make note of this update to the Stanford Galvez COVID testing center.

As of Mon 12/14, the Stanford University Galvez drive-thru testing lot will be accepting both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients (no doctor’s order required) without an appointment 7 days a week from 8am-4pm. 

If you instead present to the Stanford Emergency Department during Galvez hours, a nurse screener there will ask: “Are you here to see a physician, or are you here for a COVID Test?” Patients who want to be seen by a physician will be directed to the Emergency Department, while those wanting just a COVID test will be directed to the Galvez testing site.  This is to help preserve capacity and ED resources for those needing emergency medical attention, while maintaining convenient access to Galvez COVID testing nearby.  

However, walk-up patients not in a vehicle, and patients who present outside Galvez hours will be seen in the Emergency Department as an ED visit. 

Who: Anyone over 1 year old.

Where: Stanford Arrillaga Center (ACSR) 341 Galvez Street, Stanford, CA 94305