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My faith is very important to me, can I still go to church?

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Yes – Telechurch or virtual church. Depending on the spiritual center or church, many are creating methods of tele/video conferencing sermons, group text chats. For example, for the first time this Sunday, St. Marks Church will use Facebook to live stream service. Churches can also consider holding daily group prayer calls and bible studies with free tele/video conferencing services, and group text chats with a service such as GroupMe. Church leadership can also plan for individual calls or visits to seniors who may not be comfortable using technology, but who are at greatest risk of social isolation.

We recommend contacting your local church leaders for specifics about what methods of the above, if any, they are using. If they want recommendations for how to engage with video-streaming and haven’t yet, you can send them this article.

If your local spiritual center or church is not streaming, consider larger national sources such as: