Two Year Old Sleep Regression

This month we are excited to share a post from a guest contributor, Sarah Mitchell. She is the owner of Helping Babies Sleep, a pediatric sleep consulting company that empowers tired parents to teach their babies and toddlers to sleep by educating parents about their child’s age appropriate sleep needs and sleep training options. She is also the creator of the online course and community Baby Sleep Training Step by Step. She’s originally from Canada and currently lives in Mountain View with her husband and kids.  

The two year old sleep regression can hit at any time between 2 and 2.5 years of age.  The quality of your night time sleep will ebb and flow in these 6 months as your child gets her 2nd molars and acts like a 2 year old does!

Signs your child is going through the 2 year old sleep regression:

  • Resisting naptime
  • Fighting bedtime
  • Waking up more at night time
  • Early morning wake ups – 5 am ish

In this blog post, The Two Year Old Sleep Regression, I outline why your child’s sleep is interrupted at this age and outline tactics to help you through the bedtime resistance. (September 2018)

Sarah Mitchell B.Kin., D.C.