Happy Summer, Finally!

Happy Summer

Another academic year is almost over… how time flies. A big CONGRATULATIONS to our TVD family who have graduated high school or college these past few weeks or who will be graduating in the coming weeks (yes, here’s to the quarter system! 😉 ).  Well done, we are proud of you.

I also wish to thank Team TVD who paraded and raced over Woodside’s May Day weekend! Once again I appreciate the spirit of COMMUNITY (how fortunate we are to be part of the Woodside community) and TEAM (how fortunate I am to have this amazing team at The Village Doctor). A great big thank you to Christie, Kimmie and Jennifer as well as their respective families for coming and showing their support; for Dana and her being the glue that holds us all together, as usual; and a special shout out to Dr. Phillip’s new baby Emilia, who honored us with her presence at her first (of many, I’m sure) Woodside May Day Parade! Hooray!Happy Summer

PS – An extra shout out to our friends and Woodside office neighbors, Defy Ventures. The race was close, but the Defy driver won by a nose — see start photo below! Here’s to next year when we again go head to head with our TARCs (Tiny Awesome Race Cars). Until then, we continue to enjoy your good company and the sunshine.

Happy Summer

Dr. Eric Weiss