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Will the heat of summer help this coronavirus pandemic?

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As of now, there is little evidence to say that this coronavirus will have lower rates of transmission in warmer months. Scientists at Harvard  have been reviewing the literature on weather patterns and virus transmission. There is hope that perhaps there will be a decrease in summer months as did the Spanish Flu in 1918 however note that the Spanish Flu was an influenza virus and there is research to support the effects of humidity on influenza. There is no such effect on coronavirus known to date.  The good news is that chlorine pools are a safe option while maintaining physical distance, as you can read here. Note also there is a small immune boosting effect of Vitamin D which we know people will get more of by being in the sun, but again it is unclear if Vitamin D actually helps with COVID19 (see our FAQ on that topic here. You can read more here.  The relaxing of physical distancing orders might mean more, rather than less, transmission this summer: it is still important to follow all safety measures such physical distancing, and the wearing of masks. Overall, here are some guidelines on how to enjoy your summer safely. (May 22, 2020)