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Where Can I Get Tested Locally for COVID-19?

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9/14/20 Note: Result turn-around times appear to have decreased considerably across most lab testing sites.  Currently Stanford lab and LabCorp Pixel test turn-around are both about 24-48 hours.

**We recommend the options starred below for their combination of relative convenience and reliability. We are actively monitoring testing options for more availability and will be adding to this area as soon as we have reliable information.

**Stanford Express Care — Video appointment prior to drive-through test.

How: Register online through MyHealth if not already a MyHealth patient.  To schedule your appointment through MyHealth, go to ‘Appointments,’ ‘Make Appointment’ and select ‘Express Care,’ or download their App for iOS or Android.  To schedule over the phone, call (650) 736-5211.  Having a primary care physician at Stanford is not required.

Where: Drive through Testing sites are located in Palo Alto and San Jose and Emeryville. Hours 9AM to 7PM.

Who: Children and adults. Asymptomatic or  Symptomatic.

Note: Priority is given to those who are symptomatic or were exposed to confirmed or suspected COVID contacts.

**LabCorp Pixel — An at-home test, self-ordered and self-collected test, this is convenient and a fairly quick turn-around.

How: Order online through the link above, filling out the questionnaire.  The kit is mailed FedEx Express (next day), picked up from your home by FedEx Express to send back next-day (not available to send back over the weekend), and results have been taking 36-72 hours after arrival back at their lab.  We found the whole process to take only about 15 minutes of total coordination time (ordering, collecting specimen, calling for pick-up).

Where: A self-collected kit at your home

Who: Adults (over age 18), Symptomatic or Asymptomatic but live or work in a high-risk environment (defined as ‘communal,’ meaning you come within 6 feet of multiple people throughout the day).

**The IV Doc — COVID PCR testing in the comfort of your own home. Quick video appointment with MD prior to RN home visit to obtain the PCR test (via AccessMedical).

How: Similar to the IV Doc for IV fluids, one calls to make an appointment, 844-843-4836.  Currently appointments are scheduling out by about a day.  Same-day appointments may be available for an added fee.  Results back in 24 – 48 hours (best if ordered Monday through Thursday, as things are slower over the weekend). The MD calls the patient with results. Cost: $599.

Where: From the comfort of your own home.

Who: Adults (18 and over).

Project Baseline — Drive-through test (no video visit or doctor’s order required).  Working with the county public health system through Google’s company Verily.  Drive-through testing options in Redwood City and San Mateo, appointments can be scheduled online 48-72 hours in advance, and results take 3-4 days.

How: Schedule online through the Project Baseline website.  Select a nearby location – in our experience San Mateo is often unavailable (they stop at 500 tests/day), but San Jose often is.

Where: Locations throughout CA and several other states.

Who: Adults (age 18 or older). Asymptomatic or  Symptomatic.

Santa Clara County Testing — Drive-through test (no video visit or doctor’s order required), but backed up about  2 weeks (as of 8/12/20).

How: Schedule online here.

Where: Multiple sites located in Santa Clara, San Jose, and Morgan Hill.

Who: Children and adults who DO NOT have symptoms of COVID-19 (ASYMPTOMATIC patients only). Residency in Santa Clara County is not required.

Dignity | GoHealth Urgent Care — Video appointment prior to drive-through test.  These appointments often book up with no available slots online.

How: Visit their Website to schedule a video visit.

Who: Children and adults, symptomatic and asymptomatic.

Where: Testing sites in Redwood City, San Bruno, the Castro, Mill Valley, Piedmont (Oakland).

Note: GoHealth uses the Abbott point of care test which has less sensitivity than the tests listed above. This means higher false negatives.   However, results are available within an hour.  Priority is given to those who are symptomatic or were exposed to confirmed or suspected COVID contacts.

Color Genomics / SF.Gov — Free testing for those who live or work in San Francisco using Color Genomics. This is part of  a COVID response group which offers multiple test sites around the city.

How: Schedule online here.

Where: Multiple sites in SF.

Who: Asymptomatic testing for those who live or work in SF.

PAMF and Kaiser — Established primary care patients at PAMF or Kaiser can be tested at their specific drive-through locations with approval by a visit with their PAMR or Kaiser primary care MD.

**If you get tested through any of the above pathways, please be sure to keep your phone handy and answer unknown numbers to avoid delays in processing and getting your results**

(Jennifer Abrams, MD, September 14, 2020)
Stanford University (undergrad)
Stanford University (med school)
Stanford University (residency)