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Update: What should I do if my friend (or co-worker) was exposed to COVID-19?

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We are entering a long winter as case counts of COVID 19 have surged 72 % in the last two weeks in California. 

Small gatherings have been the biggest source of  new cases according to San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties Health Departments. This is a crucial time to be vigilant; wear masks and limit contacts to only your household.

Guidelines for close contacts of a confirmed case are clearly outlined here.

There is an important change that the CDC has highlighted, you are still a close contact regardless of if you or the person with COVID-19 was wearing a mask or whether you were wearing PPE.

If you are a friend or co-worker of a close contact and have been within 6 feet and unmasked, you should be alert and continue to wear a mask at all times and watch for any symptoms of COVID-19. You do not have to quarantine. For more details go here

If the close contact develops symptoms you should begin isolation for 14 days and get tested if possible 7-10 days after your exposure to the close contact.  If you develop symptoms you should stay at home and contact a medical professional for guidance. 

This document details protocols for workplace exposures.

Stay safe, protect yourself and your loved ones throughout the next 6 weeks. 

Prerana Sangani, MD, November 17, 2020