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Should I get a pneumonia vaccine? And I heard there are two, which should I consider?

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The pneumonia vaccines It will not protect you from pneumonia due to Coronavirus 19, but could protect you against a secondary bacterial infection to which you were made susceptible by COVID-19.  The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends the PPSV23 (the common pneumonia vaccine) for all patients over the age of 65. Note that under the current circumstances, your doctor may wish to lower that age recommendation. Note also that the ACIP has recently rescinded its prior recommendation to vaccinate all adults ≥65 years old with both PCV13 and PPSV23. The committee now recommends PPSV23 for all patients in this age group and advises clinicians to engage in shared decision-making to determine whether PCV13 should be given in addition to PPSV23 for patients who otherwise lack an indication for dual vaccination (eg, asplenia, cochlear implant). The change in recommendation is based on the dramatic reduction in the incidence of infection with PCV13 serotypes that has resulted from universal childhood PCV13 vaccination. Because the likelihood of infection with a PCV13 serotype is now so low, we generally find that the benefits of the additional vaccination with PCV13 do not outweigh its risk or costs. (From Up To Date, accessed March 16, 2020)