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My family and I have been quarantined for about a month. My sister and my mom and dad have been at home quarantining. We have all been really good. Can we now quarantine together?

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If EVERYONE has been diligent and conservative with their interactions with others (or lack of), and at least 10-14 days has passed with everyone feeling their usual well selves, then I don’t think quarantining together carries much extra risk.  However, everyone must agree that everyone else’s degree of quarantine meets their own standards (e.g., if someone in the family goes out into the community and grocery shops or walks through Target looking for toilet paper, that would not meet my personal strictness for quarantine, but if someone only drives to a grocery store, doesn’t get out, and the store puts all your items in the trunk, and you drive away, wash hands 1st thing when home, that would do it for me).  Point being, as long as everyone agrees AND WILL REMAIN at the same level of quarantine (no going out for ice cream or meeting a friend, not inviting any additional guests to the home, even just for the day … ) then I think that would be totally reasonable. If you think that would be difficult to adhere to, then I think your parents would be safer where they are.  (April 19, 2020)