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I heard zinc supplement can boost my immunity. Is this true and are there other supplements I should consider at this time?

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Generally maintaining good nutrition by eating a balanced diet will help to keep you healthy baseline, and for your body to build the response it needs to infections.

Zinc is an essential mineral for one’s health, but we don’t need very much – about 15 mgs a day will do, and it is present in meat, shellfish, legumes such as lentils, seeds, nuts, dairy, eggs and whole grains. Zinc is important in wound healing, the functioning of our immune system, eyesight, brain development, the proper functioning of sperm and the synthesis of testosterone. While Zinc supplementation at low concentrations inhibits the replication of SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV), there is no published data on whether it halts Covid-19 (this novel coronavirus) specifically.

Vitamin D
While Vitamin D has many benefits such as assisting with maturation of cells including the immune system, and has been used to target bovine coronavirus in the past, there is no specific evidence to show that it is active against Covid-19. Vitamin D can be consumed naturally in parts of the diet or through sun exposure.

Turmeric or Curcumen
Similarly turmeric, or curcumen (the main active ingredient in turmeric) can be an excellent anti-inflammatory agent for the body when used in normal amounts in meals, but there is no evidence to suggest activity against Covid-19. (March 29, 2020)