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“2,500 is the number of patients a physician has to look after in today’s healthcare system. This also means weeks of waiting for a 10-minute visit. That is stopwatch medicine.

Imagine reducing 2500 to 250, 90% fewer patients. Now, that is more than healthcare because doctors will have 90% more time with them, develop a better and personal relationship and be more available when patients need assistance – this is concierge medicine.

Feeling better, feeling good, both physically and emotionally, are all very real, very human needs. When everyone has the time to listen, wellness happens.”

– Dr. Eric Weiss, MD, DTM&H

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Our head physician, Dr. Eric Weiss, MD, DTM&H, founded The Village Doctor in 2004. We are one of the first concierge medicine practices in the country. Dr. Weiss received a BS in Biological Sciences from Stanford, an MD from UCSF, completed his residency and chief residency in Emergency Medicine at UCLA. He also trained at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where he received his diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

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What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

With far fewer patients, physicians at The Village Doctor family concierge practice can spend more time focusing on prevention and overall wellness than a physician in a traditional practice possibly can. You won’t find a crowded waiting room brimming with contagion. Visits can be as long as needed, so not only does your physician have time to ask questions, but they have time to wait for the answers, even from a reluctant teenager. Here are the benefits you will get once you sign up with us:

  • Annual comprehensive physical exams to detect issues in their early stages.
  • Our doctors are just a phone call away, 24/7.
  • Less wait time, appointments available immediately.
  • Longer time to check and properly diagnose patient.
  • Long-term and a better personal relationship with any of our amazing doctors.
  • Monthly fee rather than a fee for service allows patients to reach out at the first signs of feeling unwell.
  • Our team goes the extra mile when a referral to a specialist is warranted.
  • Meet your physician first before joining if preferred.
  • First-available access to excellent specialized care.

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Why The Village Doctor?

The Village Doctor has over 15 years of experience. We treat everyone from infants to elders so you entire family gets the treatments they deserve and need. We can also look out for important health history within the family since this is shared information that can affect the health and well being of your entire family. 

In addition to leading the team of concierge doctors at The Village Doctor, Dr. Eric Weiss is currently an Attending Physician at Stanford University and an advisor to several local medical and technology start-up companies in Silicon Valley. His interests include the intersection of personalized medicine, big data and artificial intelligence, and how these come together to help doctors provide better clinical care. Closer to home, he is on the Board of Directors of the Woodside Fire Foundation and is leading efforts to build The Village Hub, a community gathering place for the town of Woodside.

“I founded The Village Doctor to put the ‘wow’ back in our healthcare experience. As a father of three, I saw the need for a more relaxed and family-oriented doctor’s office. As a physician, I now treasure having the time to put my patient relationships and wellness first. We are all the better, healthier and happier for it.” – Dr. Eric Weiss

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