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After recovering from coronavirus, do I have immunity? Can I get coronavirus twice?

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Most likely you cannot get the virus twice. While the definitive answer is unknown, based on their knowledge of other coronaviruses (see SARS-CoV-1), experts say it is not likely. The questions first arose last month, after Japanese authorities said a woman who had had coronavirus and then been declared virus-free, again tested positive.  Prof Jon Cohen, emeritus professor of infectious diseases at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, said: “The answer is that we simply don’t know [about reinfection] yet because we don’t have an antibody test for the infection, although we will have one soon. However, it is very likely, based on other viral infections, that yes, once a person has had the infection they will generally be immune and won’t get it again. There will always be the odd exception, but that is certainly a reasonable expectation.” You can also read more here.  (March 21, 2020)