Vaccinations: A lesson behind the outbreak image 2

Vaccinations: A Lesson Behind the Outbreak

Since 2018, the issues surrounding giving vaccinations to infants and small children has been a major concern in the healthcare community. To make matters worse, the COVID-19 pandemic that crippled the health system all over the world causing

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3 tips to encourage your kids to wear face masks

3 Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Wear Face Masks

A common question that doctors hear from patients is, “Should children wear face masks to combat coronavirus?” The World Health Organization (WHO) published a set of guidelines on the use of protective coverings for children. Exactly how children

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never too late for a flu vaccine


Currently, many people are calling and messaging their doctors, and even going into hospitals to inquire about getting a flu shot. Many have the impression that they need to get a flu shot to protect themselves from COVID-19,

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