“To me, having access to a great doctor is priceless. With the Village Doctor, there’s no waiting on hold, no trying to convince a doctor that your child is really sick enough to see the doctor, no waiting 6 hours for an appointment, and no waiting room with other sick children. I love the incredible personal attention.”

Carolyn Bowsher

Menlo Park Parent


“In the modern world of medical complexity, the need for a concerned, accessible and knowledgeable personal physician is essential. The Village Doctor fills that need wondrously...”

Frederick P. Rehmus

Brownson, Rehmus and Foxworth, Inc.


"Overall, my husband and I have been so impressed with the care we have received for our daughter that we signed ourselves up for The Village Doctor too!” 

Cristina Spencer

Palo Alto Resident         


“I can’t believe that I feel really good about seeing my doctor. The Village Doctor has made the whole experience a pleasant one. The environment is warm and friendly, the advice is good, and the service is wonderfully convenient.”

Bill Davidow

Woodside Resident


“There is no bill I am more pleased to pay each month. From sniffles and sneezes to emergency rooms, the team at Village Doctor is there when you need them most-because there is nothing more important than the health and well-being of your family. 

Their attention and service when we are traveling has also been invaluable. To call from a vacation spot south of the equator and have antibiotics delivered several hours later to combat our son's ear infection was miraculous. I don't know many other teens can email their doctor when they have a concern.”

Sarah & Don Lucas

Atherton Residents   


“My family and I have had the privilege of being under the care of Village Doctor Eric Weiss and his excellent staff. The Village Doctor is a dedicated and caring practitioner devoted to the health of his patients and an asset to the Town of Woodside. We are lucky to be in the special care of The Village Doctor.”

The Taube Family

Woodside Residents

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