Pediatric "Concierge Medicine" Program
Previously unavailable in the SF Bay Area, a concierge practice with a dedicated pediatrician and pediatric program. Give your children the benefit of the same high level of care that some of their more fortunate parents have enjoyed in the past.

Newborn Program
There are lots of questions and long nights as a new parent. Enjoy 24/7 access to your child's Pediatrician and home visits for the early months of life. Imagine not needing to leave the comfort of your home as you bond with your new baby. Lactation assistance, information about new parent support programs and tips on all sorts of baby products and issues are now readily available.

Relaxed Primary Care Pediatrics
No matter what the age of your child, newborn, school aged or adolescent, have you ever felt rushed or hurried with his Pediatrician? Do you have all sorts of health-related questions you would like answered? The Village Doctor offers the time for you to explore in depth your youngster's development, behavior, nutrition and health. Over the long term, you will grow to know each other well in times of good health and intermittent illness. No matter how big or small the issue, you now will have a Pediatrician you can access with ease.

Adolescent Wellness Program
In the typical Pediatric office, teens can be a missed face. They are often healthy and go years in between well check visits. We recognize today's stressors and the challenges of being a well-adjusted, successful teen. We are happy to offer a program designed to optimize both the health and wellness of busy adolescents.

24-hour immediate medical coverage by Physician including mobile phone access
Unprecedented access to your child's physician with direct dial or email access 24/7. After hours call will be shared by a dedicated and very small group of program providers with specific pediatric expertise.

Same day appointments
By limiting our practice size to roughly 10% of the average primary care practice, The Village Doctor will have time for you and your family.

Same day house calls
By using mobile medical kits and a state of the art electronic medical record, The Village Doctor physicians can bring the clinic to you.

Emergency Department escort
Should your child need to go to the Emergency Department, your ED visit will be coordinated by members of The Village Doctor team - if possible your physician will meet you in the Emergency Department to facilitate a timely and quality ED experience.

Medical oversight which includes direct specialist referrals and scheduling
With a Pediatrician who knows you and your family well, and who has time and personal relationships with our medical specialists, we can facilitate timely appointments, explain treatment options, and truly optimize care which might otherwise be complex and confusing.

Hospital service oversight
All aspects of your hospitalization, should this be required, will be overseen and coordinated by your pediatrician and our network of experts.

Leveraging relationships at a world-class teaching hospital, our physicians will research your medical condition or questions to ensure that you are provided with the very best that medical science has to offer.

Travel medicine services
Many of the families in our community are world travelers for business or pleasure. Most are not fully aware of the potential pitfalls of injury or illness overseas, and most primary care providers are unfamiliar with the issues of pediatric travel medicine. Our expertise in the area of Travel Medicine will minimize those risks for you. Immunizations and/or the International SOS assistance / repatriation program will be coordinated as necessary.

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