The Future of Medicine is Here
The Village Doctor (TVD) is collaborating with Navigenics, a Redwood Shores-based personalized genetic services company, to offer a new service that combines a genetic risk assessment with the latest discoveries in genetic medicine and personalized genetic counseling.  The program screens your entire genetic code and provides you with a detailed analysis of ­your genetic predisposition for a variety of common health conditions, so you and your physician can obtain earlier diagnosis, delay onset or prevent the conditions altogether.   The Village Doctor is the first private medical practice in the nation to provide this collaborative program, which is offered to TVD and non-TVD members alike.

Traditional Limitations, New Technologies
Your risk of developing certain health conditions over your lifetime is influenced by your genes, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices.  Until now, doctors have been limited to counseling patients on risk factor reduction based solely upon the results of large and sometimes conflicting medical studies.  Moreover, some people may contract a disease when they have little or no known risk factors, while others remain disease-free despite a multitude of risk factors, due to the influence of their genes.  For the first time, advances in genomic technology now allow for truly individualized genetic risk factor analysis.

Personalized Genetic Analysis
Navigenics is one of the first companies in the nation to allow a personalized assessment of one’s own genetic health risks, using the highest laboratory and genetic counseling standards.  From a sample of your DNA taken from your saliva, their Health Compass test scans across your entire genome for more than 1.8 million SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphisms, pronounced “snips”), one-letter variations in your genetic code.  By comparing your results to only the most reputable scientific and medical research, Navigenics’ genetic counselors are able to assemble a personalized risk estimate for specific, common health conditions and traits.

Future Advances
The diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic possibilities of genetics continue to increase as the scientists the world-over delve deeper into the study of human genes and how they influence our individual health.  Navigenics’ team of scientists and genetic counselors are constantly reviewing emerging research.  Taking only those studies that have been published in reputable peer-reviewed journals and have shown reproducible results, they determine which new SNP’s to include in their testing and analysis.  As new conditions and traits are added to the list, Navigenics will test your DNA to provide you with periodic updates to your personalized Health Compass report. 

Personalized Physician Interpretation and Guidance
As consultants to Navigenics, the physicians at The Village Doctor provide you with a detailed discussion of your results (including whether your risk is higher or lower than the general population), and written recommendations for reducing your chances of developing those conditions for which you have an elevated lifetime genetic risk.   Your enrollment also gives you access to Navigenics’ certified genetic counselors, and a secure on-line Navigenics Member Account allows you to review your results in the privacy of your own home. 


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